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(ARD) Accidental Rental Damage

Accidental Damages to Rental Property is included when booking any of our cabins.

The ARD plan covers a maximum of $3,000 in accidental property damage coverage.  

*Subject to exclusions and limitations that occur to the premises during your stay.

Any damage or accident that is not covered under the policy will be the responsibility of the leaseholder.

*Pet Damage:
If damage is done by your pet the cabin webpage must state that it is a pet friendly cabin for the damage to be covered.  Otherwise you will personally will be responsible for the damage and your credit card will be charged accordingly.

Renting a vacation property should be a fun and re

(ARD) Accidental Rental Damage  Plan FAQs
Renting a vacation property should be a fun and relaxing experience, spent creating lasting memories with family and friends. Worrying about damage to the rental unit should not be part of your experience. Accidents do happen, though.

What is the Accidental Rental Damage Plan (ARD)?

ARD is an insurance plan that provides coverage for accidental damages to your vacation rental property during your stay, in place of a security deposit.

                        Benefits of the ARD plan?
  • With ARD, you no longer have to worry about putting up a security deposit or how much will be returned when you get home.
  • Return home with vacation memories, not repair costs.  The cost and repair of covered accidental damage will be handled between the rental property and the insurance company.
  • Stay balanced. The ARDI plan can save you from tying up your credit card with a hefty authorization while you are on vacation.

  • What does the ARD plan cover?
  • ARD covers unintentional damage to your vacation rental property during your stay, up to $3,000.
  • Staying in a pet-friendly home? ARD provides coverage for damage caused by pets!

    ARD covers unintentional damage to your vacation unit during your stay. Renters commonly use ARD to cover things like:

    • spills on carpeting
    • furniture tears
    • broken lamps
    • damage caused by declared pets (in pet-friendly homes)
    • Your child accidentally hits a baseball through the window while playing outside?
    • You trip and fall, breaking the glass top of the coffee table?
    • A Wii remote goes flying during an exciting game, damaging the TV screen?
    • You drop a scalding hot sauce pan on the stove and damage the cook top?
    • Your pet decides to use the table leg as a chew toy?

    What is "not covered" by the ARD plan?
  • Intentional property damage.
  • Pet damage in non-pet friendly vacation homes.

  •  ARD is automatically included at time of booking.
  • Ask your vacation rental company if you have any questions!
  • This ARD plan is mandatory when staying in any of our properties.
  • Nothing is refundable if no damage occurs.